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My clinical work is grounded in compassion, equality, flexibility, and authenticity.  While offering empathy and compassion I will offer you challenges to empower you to more effectively navigate life.


Together we’ll work to discover or redefine what matters most to you in life. Your values will become a foundation for strengthening your life skills and resilience. With core skills you will be able to more effectively confront challenges and increase your wellbeing. Our work will be successful to the extent you are willing take the actions that will make your life work, in addition to shifting your perspective on your life experiences so you can thrive in every area of your life. 

I work with adolescents and adults who are struggling with depression, anxiety, interpersonal issues, chronic pain, grief and loss, life transition difficulties, low self-efficacy, procrastination, academic issues, and impulsivity.

Individual Therapy

Therapy Session
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