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I supervise trainees and provide peer consultation to clinical psychologists, behavior analysts, and other professionals interested in expanding their repertoire and scope of practice using contextual behavioral science principles. My supervision work is founded around the values of compassion, support, integrity, reliability, curiosity, helpfulness, trust, acceptance, vulnerability, and authenticity. 

My clinical supervision and peer consultation focus on increasing psychological flexibility and learning based on behavioral principles. Specifically, I use The SHAPE supervision framework, developed by Australian psychologists Eric Morris and Linda Nicholson, to support the development of competencies by emphasizing experiential learning, reflective practice, and feedback in the context of a supportive supervisory relationship. 

Using this model, we work to co-create a supervision/consultation experience that promotes openness to experience, self-compassion, functional analysis, constructive feedback, and accountability.

Work Interview

Clinical supervision / Peer Consultation

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